Creating Transparency & Opportunities

ManagementAlignment™ is a platform that measures the extent organisational processes support your Company's goals.

It creates focus on your Company’s specific goals and reveals opportunities for increased performance and innovation.


Why ManagementAlignment™?

The challenge

A large number of companies and organisations fail in implementing their focus areas and/or strategic initiatives.

Most companies do not have systems in place to identify whether the focus areas have been implemented to the degree needed to achieve their Company goals.

Together with Board members, CEOs and HR executives, we have identified 5 organisational processes that play an essential role in creating the culture that supports the business goals.

ManagementAlignment™ measures whether your Company's focus areas are integrated into the 5 processes.

Organisational processes

The organisational processes are essential in creating the focus and behaviour your Company wants from the managers.


Are your Company’s focus areas integrated into the managers' work tasks?

Performance management

Are your Company’s focus areas integrated into the performance measurement of the individual managers?


Do managers have influence on the goals set for them?


Can managers make the necessary decisions that affect the goals set for them?


Has it been explicitly communicated how the managers' efforts affect the overall focus areas?

If your managers can answer “no” to one or more of these questions, it presents an opportunity to improve your Company's performance and results.

Creates transparency

Gives the Management an unfiltered reality check and highlights what to expect going forward

Reality check

ManagementAlignment™ measures the current degree of implementation of the focus areas in your Company’s organisational processes. The platform highlights disconnects between what managers believe they have implemented and what is experienced by those reporting to them.


ManagementAlignment™ measures the degree of alignment between Management's goal for implementing the specific focus areas in the organisational processes, compared with the goals set by the individual managers in the organisation.

Business Improvement

Reveals managers' suggestions on how to improve the implementation of the focus areas in each of the organisational processes.

Creates opportunities

Creates focus, encourages innovation and accelerates change

Creates focus

On key areas of concern or improvement of your business

Encourages innovation

Through reaching out to all managers in your Company, bringing ideas into the open

Confirms beliefs and gut feelings

With actual numbers and information

Accelerates the desired change

Through breaking down silos and concrete layers

Enriched decision making and prioritisation of time

Based on updated and unfiltered information


ManagementAlignment™ is made to fit your Company

Company-specific questions

Can be given to all parts of the organisation, to specific areas or to specific groups of managers. Questions can be in many different forms, including score scales, open text, multiple choice.

Organisational readiness

Evaluates whether the organisation has the required competences and skills to implement the needed change.

The process

The entire process can be customized to fit your Company: communication, languages, colours, logo, questions etc.

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